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* Clear scope and accountability

* Optimized delivery structure

* Continual service improvement

Project services

* Expert execution and ownership

* Customized to client objective

* Result driven


* Specialized skills for specific needs

* On-demand scalability and agility

* Flexible schedule and location

Our delivery methods Our delivery methods, ownership at AUSY


Outsourcing - AUSY Luxembourg

IT or technology is not your core business? It’s ours!

We get it. Your business need to focus on what matters but you also need the right IT experts that support your business in a volatile, fast-changing market. Let us partner with you, including deliverables. Examples include contract brokering (outsource your contract handling process from contract to timesheet and invoice follow up), IT service desks (outsource your IT support with 24/7 availability), IT infrastructure migrations (including disaster recovery plans) or why not, outsourcing your whole IT department (hard and software).

Project services

Project services - AUSY Luxembourg

Need a website, app or office tool? Our dedicated client teams deliver just that!

Our dedicated client teams (analysts, architect, project managers, developers and testers) assists you in scoping, building, extending, supporting and maintaining any digital product. Our multi-skilled experts focus on quality deliveries without you noticing all the hassle as you get your single point of contact that manages the team and your unique long term relationship with us.


Consultancy - AUSY Luxembourg

In need of extra knowledge of capacity? A flexible workforce is what we offer!

Hire our consultants and interim managers individually or in team for a shorter or longer period. Our experts adapt to your way of working. These experts are all working for us and keep their seniority. We develop their skills further with trainings, whether it is to specialize or climb the organizational ladder in which they need to obtain or develop new skills.

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