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IRISnet stands for connectivity, digitization and intelligent solutions. This collaboration between the Brussels Region, the CIBG (Centrum voor Informatica voor het Brusselse Gewest) and private shareholder Orange connects the Brussels government and public institutions with each other and with the citizens. Ausy created the user platform on which all IRISnet customers can utilize a variety of telecommunications services in a user-friendly way.

Through the IRISnet network of over 350 km fibreglass cable, 17.000 simcards, 20.000 fixed lines and more than 53 million WiFi connections, all police zones, municipalities, OCMW’s, public hospitals, crisis centers and public institutions in Brussels have the connectivity that they need all day, every day.

With the help of personalized solutions, IRISnet makes sure that students can make use of Fibernet at school, that visitors have free WiFi in our capital, hospitals can be reached through all channels and police zones can check in on crucial and busy neighbourhoods at any moment of the day with security cameras.

To improve their service even further, IRISnet decided to create a portal. In this client zone, they want to assemble all their functions in one web application.

the ultimate user experience.

Ausy has built the greatly improved and complete MyIRISnet web application for IRISnet. In this user-friendly client zone, users can find an overview of their way of working, their invoices and LAN monitoring. But they can also use it to consult the images of security cameras, to report malfunctions and so much more. The app works on all devices.

MyIRISnet is divided into a front-end (portal) and back-end (service core). The portal consists of a Symfony (PHP framework) application and uses Vue (Javascript) components to display user data. This results in a dynamic character of the pages and an improved user-friendliness. Symfony is used as router and proxy for the back-end.

The service core is also built around a powerful Symfony framework. The use of this architecture allows for scalability. The system is resilient enough to deal with high numbers of visitors. “We were able to build the MyIRISnet web application in less than 6 months”,  Julie Deneft, project manager, tells us. “The platform meets all the IRISnet criteria, and in the meantime we keep on extending the possibilities by implementing new features. Furthermore, our client team is always available for support.”

The platform meets all the IRISnet criteria, and in the meantime we keep on extending the possibilities by implementing new features.

Julie Deneft, project manager at Ausy

a true step forward.

The clients have welcomed the new MyIRISnet web application with great enthusiasm, and the feedback has been extremely positive from day 1. Where they used to have to juggle with different applications to utilize their personalized solution, they can now find everything in 1 location. What’s more, the many new features are much more dynamic. And the IRISnet employees also benefit from this new application.

“The new, completely digitized client zone is a true step forward”, Christophe Démal, program manager at IRISnet tells us. “Most actions have been simplified. Our employees can get their jobs done more efficiently. Where we used to need Excel files or email chains without end, we now only need a few clicks. I can only recommend Ausy’s way of working. They have more than kept their promise of an efficient collaboration with a focus on innovation and continuous improvement.”

The new, completely digitized client zone is a true step forward.

Christophe Démal, program manager at IRISnet

integrations, specifications and architecture.

  • Active Directory (LDAP and REST) for user management and authentication
  • Navision (SOAP) and XpertBilling (SOAP) for consulting invoices
  • Jira, Jira Insight and Jira Service Desk (REST) for support and product management
  • Drupal (Headless, REST) for showing custom content in the application
  • Solarwinds Orion (REST) for managing assets and networks

overview of the technologies used.

Markup HTML5/CSS3
Programming languages PHP and Javascript
Database MySQL
Frameworks Symfony and Vue.js


Architecture IRISnet
Architecture IRISnet