Francisco was working in sales when a family member recommended Ausy to him. He followed a network engineering training, and a few months later our recruiters called him with a project that would be perfect for him. Meanwhile, he’s been working as an IT consultant for Ausy for 4 years, and he still loves coming to work every day.

from salesman to network engineer.

“I didn’t really have any experience in IT”, Francisco tells us. “But I was always interested in this sector. I’m attracted to the variation and the continuous trainings. You’ll never be stuck in a rut in the IT sector. The moment you feel you’re too much in your comfort zone, you can follow new trainings and obtain new certificates. I love that!”

“I was working in sales, so I completely changed my career when I started working at Ausy. I’m proud that I managed to grow in this sector and tackle project after project. What’s more: right now, I’m the go-to person when someone in my team has any questions. Solving problems and figuring out complicated issues gives me energy.”

working at a young and international company.

Francisco: “Ausy is a young company, and it shows in the way they interact with their employees. Every year they organize great events that I get to participate in, and at which I can get to know my colleagues.”

“We’ve already been to Walibi, and we had a fancy black & gold party. But my team also often organizes fun team buildings! We regularly grab a bite to eat together, and sometimes we do something a bit more spectacular… Like the time we went axe throwing! ;-)”

“Ausy isn’t just a young company”, Francisco continues. “It’s also international. At my current project, I collaborate with people all over Europe: I provide support for my colleagues in Poland, Greece, Romania, Italy and Russia. I also learn a lot from this: it teaches me how to deal with different types of people and other cultures. I work on my soft skills every day.”

which characteristics do you need to work in IT?

Francisco: “You have to love puzzles. There’s a solution for every problem, if you just look for it long enough. And it helps if you have an analytical mind.”

“When I start working on a problem, I don’t let go until I understand every aspect of it and figure out the most efficient way to solve it.”

do you have any tips for recently graduated IT’ers?

“Never say no to a challenge”, Francisco answers. “If someone asks you if you can help them, always say yes. Even if you’re not sure how to solve the problem yet.”

“Use every resource you have: ask your colleagues, look the problem up on the internet, follow an additional training … just never say no to a challenge or a problem.”